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Posted by on Apr 21, 2014 in Hobby | 0 comments

Choosing The Perfect Scrapbook Album Designs

Making a scrapbook is a good way to preserve memories, and choosing a scrapbook album design is the beginning step in making something to recall a certain celebration.

Spending quality time with family members is not just a priority for many of us, but a way of life. Time never stops for anybody, and so shouldn’t you to collect the great moments you spend with them. A scrapbook album is definitely an amazing way to keep those moments alive forever. Plus, it may be passed on to your kids, grandkids, along with other relatives for more photos and exquisite stories. But before you start creating a scrapbook album of yours, you need to buy the album. And if you’re new to the scrapbooking world, the next tips on how to choose a scrapbook album will pose as a guide.

Choosing The Perfect Scrapbook Album Designs

Choosing The Perfect Scrapbook Album Designs

Theme for the Album

Is the album according to your family, friends, special events, or perhaps is it about you? Once you have the theme sorted out, you can easily find an album which will suit your needs. Also, will the album contain a lot of photos and memorabilia, or are you using it as a journal too? It is important to know what you want from an album.

Choosing the Size

First things first, you must decide which size of scrapbook album works best for you! The two main sizes are 12 x 12 inch and 11 x 8.5 inch. The most popular size is the 12 x 12 albums. Why you ask? Because I can fit much more pictures, embellishments, etc. on each page and without a doubt, I take far too many photos and so i definitely need the space. However, if you don’t have a lot of photos, an 11 x 8.5 inch album could be a suitable option for you. It is because there is less space available to fill.

Another plus to using a 12 x 12 album, is the fact that there always tends to be a larger selection of 12 x 12 paper in shops, and trust me, this allows you to possess a lot more choices! Of course you can always buy 12 x 12 sheets and trim them right down to fit your 11 x 8.5, if however you do not use the extra paper it’s just a waste.

Scrapbook Styles

The style of a scrapbook album is usually determined by how it is bound. The most typical styles fall into these five categories:


A post-bound album has machine screws and posts that screw together to bind the book. The page protectors have holes punched inside them which allow the posts to hold them securely within the album. Each page protector opens at the very top so that you can simply slide completed scrapbook pages directly into the protectors. Two pages could be slid into each page protector consecutive to create a double sided page. If you want to move pages around, it is simple to remove pages from their protectors. When you wish to add additional page protectors for your album, you can unscrew the device screws and add extenders to lengthen the posts.

Scrapbook Album Designs

Scrapbook Album Designs


A 3-ring album uses page protectors which are usually identical to those present in post-bound albums. Instead of being bound by posts a 3-ring album uses standard 3-ring notebook style hinges to carry the page protectors within the book. D-ring albums allow the pages that sit flat within the book when it is closed. 3-ring albums provide the most flexibility if you need to remove or add pages for your album.


Strap-hinge style scrapbooks use pages which have staples built into the edges. Plastic straps slide with these staples and hold the pages within the book. Since the pages are bound into the book, page protector sleeves are slid over the web pages to cover them. To add or remove pages in the album the strap-hinge assembly is taken apart. Creative Memories popularized this style of album.


A book-bound scrapbook is book that’s bound like a traditional, hard cover book. It’ll have a sewn and glued binding in which the pages are permanently bound within the book. Pages cannot be added, however many such books have perforations that allow pages to be taken out to provide more room for the bulkier items around the remaining pages.

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