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Posted by on Jul 31, 2015 in Spirituality | 0 comments

5 Best Meditation Techniques for Kids

Meditation techniques for children can help them relax and focus better during school and daily life.

Meditation provides many benefits for children. It allows them to tap into an inner peace, improves concentration, builds self-confidence, and provides a healthy outlet for stress and negative energy. Yoga instructors can teach children some simple techniques to begin a meditation practice that they can build upon throughout life.

Great Ways to Help Children Relax:

There are many techniques children can use to reduce their stress and relax. Depending on the child, some may work better than others.

Feel Your Breath

Meditation Techniques for Kids

Meditation Techniques for Kids

Breathing is an important component of any meditative practice. Children can learn how to become mindful of their breathing by concentrating on their breath. They can sit or lie in a comfortable position. Then, their Yoga instructor should ask them to place their hands on their bellies, while they inhale very deeply and exhale slowly and steadily. After a few rounds of deep breaths, the Yoga teacher should ask the children what they noticed about their bellies during the breathing. The belly should move out with the inhale, like filling up a balloon, and deflate on the exhale. If children are lying down, they can place a stuffed animal on their bellies to help see it rise and fall with their breath.

Savasana Relaxation Techniques

Relaxation techniques allow children to let go of obstacles, which make focusing difficult. Shavasana (Corpse pose) teaches children to become aware of the different parts of their bodies. With practice, they will learn to release tension from the entire body through stillness and concentration. Teach children to lie on their backs, with their arms at their sides, palms facing up. Ask them to close their eyes or soften their gaze. As they lay without talking, guide them to relax each part of the body. Tell them to focus on their toes and feet, wiggling them a bit and then bringing them to stillness. Travel up the legs, stopping at the calves, knees, stomach, hands, arms, shoulders, and so on. If you are teaching a class of preschool children, focus on large body parts. Yoga teachers can be more specific with older kids, focusing on smaller muscle groups, like the face muscles.

Guided Imagery

A good time to try guided imagery is when your child is ready for bed. To do guided imagery with your child, you can purchase a book or use your imagination. The point of guided imagery is to encourage your child to use his imagination and relax.

Breathing Exercise for Kids

Breathing Exercise for Kids

Relaxation Song

Choose specific songs that are known to be extremely relaxing and combine them with meditation. Kids should be seated straight on the floor and practice the songs in their minds quietly. While pronouncing each syllable, they should touch the tips of all other fingers (from the index finger to the baby finger) with their thumbs one by one. This meditation exercise will help them calm down significantly.

Present Moment Meditation

Present moment meditation can be extremely useful on the go and it can help calm a child in a tense situation. Start by having your child focus on his breathing, taking breaths slowly in and out. Ask your child to focus on the feeling of the oxygen circulating through his body from his head to his toes. Your child should keep focusing on his breath and circulation until he feels soothed and calm. This method of meditation is useful because it can be done standing up, or in a relaxed position.

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